Any contraindications to CBD

The contraindications of CBD oil are of minimal effect compared to the enormous value it brings to those who consume cannabidiol-based products.

Nevertheless, it is of the greater importance to know these contraindications to put in a balance in addition to the benefits, the possible adverse effects in some organisms.

In Cokocbd we want that you know this information of first hand and that you know that there are factors and bodies that can determine if these contraindications appear or not because, we remind you, not all the organisms are equal and they are going to react of the same way to different types from substances.

Potential associated contraindications

To clarify about the contraindications of CBD oil, it is important to know that our body has a system called “endocannbinoid” that exerts intercellular communication.

This endocannabinoid system is present in several processes in our body, for example, mood, pain sensation, memory state and appetite regulation.

Now then, when we consume cannabinoids of vegetal origin like the oil of CBD, this begins to interact with our system inducing to some effects being greater the benefits than it grants, although we cannot leave of side effects in some people like:

  • Drowsiness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Diarrhea

Pharmacological interactions of CBD oil

In fact, there are no in-depth studies on the subject that prove to a greater extent the contraindications of cannabidiol apart from the side effects already mentioned.

According to studies, the people medicated by epilepsy and that have found a true aid in the oil of CBD, have experienced an increase in the blood levels of other drugs that consume along with the cannabidiol to fight the disease.

This means that, after the results of the study, experts recommend lowering the dose of CBD oil, but not eliminate it from treatment.

Possible liver damage

Perhaps this consequence worries experts that the same interaction of CBD with epilepsy drugs.

Ten percent of people in the study had increased liver enzymes, leading to the conclusion that CBD oil may be causing liver damage in them.

More studies are needed to determine possible contraindications

Always start from scientific bases accompanied by rigorous studies to give you relevant information regarding CBD oil based products, that is why we emphasize the benefits that have been found from it and we are clear that there is also a responsibility to keep our community informed.

So, we want to bring to your attention some good practices of CBD oil distributors and marketers so you can have peace of mind:

Must be sold as a dietary supplement

The CBD oil is a natural product, but from the controversy it has caused around the world, it becomes necessary to regulate it so that it can be marketed as a food supplement, so, look closely so that when you buy it, all its labels and entities that regulate it are present.

May contain traces of THC

THC is the substance that gives you the “high” effect and should not be present in products with CBD oil.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous marketers have put the prestige and credibility of the product at risk and the consequences on some consumers have made the myth around them grow negatively.

You should know that a good CBD oil will not cause you any side effects or collateral damage, but it is important that you also take the necessary precautions to buy from safe stores.

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